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Introduction to Self-Development : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

mardi 4 janvier 2005, par DlyNouille


By David Ly (davidly at altern dot org)

Last Edition : 13th January 2003

This page is especially aimed at my friends I’d like their life to improve.

"God helps those who help themselves" (http://www.acts17-11.com/cows_helps.html)

Should you believe in God or not, I think this sentence has a great meaning : "Help yourself first". Stop blaming others and work for and on yourself. There are many facts about human beings and how they deal with their environment and I can tell you that many problems that we face, believe or not, many others face it as well.

How many times could you recognise yourself in other people stories ?

Fortunately, many people have written down what they have experienced. And you can learn quite a lot from them, either by talking with these persons or by reading what they have written.

That’s why if you invest time by talking with people or reading books, you can learn quite a lot of things.

Which area of your life can you improve ? Well, many of them.

Human-relationships/Dealing with people.
Sex life
Improve your memory
Unfortunately, I have no time to write a full thesis on this subject, so I would like just here to give my recommendations on books I’d like you to be aware of. Should you buy this book on Amazon.com, and would like to thank me for these recommendations, feel free to click on the Amazon.com link, I’ll be rewarded with a commission.

Who Moved My Cheese ?

Spencer Johnson & Kenneth H. Blanchard

ISBN : 0399144463


The Road Less Travelled

Scott M. Peck

Topic : Psychology/Love/Investing in people.

My idea of this book : It describes you the concept of genuine love. If you "love" someone, invest in this person (your kid, your family, your friend or yourself, etc... ). Enemy of love is laziness.

ISBN : 0684847248



My favorites quotes from these books :

"Money is like seed, either you eat it right away, either you plant it and let it grow"

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki

I would recommend this book to start but don’t take this author as a "guru". Robert Kiyosaki explains quite well but indirectly tries to push you towards buying more of his products/services.

My point here is that definitely he’s asking the right questions but you should consider his solutions carefully.

My advice here is to look at different books and make your mind instead of following one particular author in his sayings.

Followed by,

Personal Finance Dummies

Eric Tyson

This book covers all the aspects of personal finance. The author gives really good advises. One fact I like about this book is that the author tries to be objective as much as possible and tells you right away that because of conflicts of interest, many salespeople will try to sell all kind of crappy financial investments. He also critics many other financial books that are, according to him, are disguised infomercials (trying to sell another products).

Followed by,

Real People Real Money

Leong Cheik

(Singaporean book)

This book gives good illustrations how some Singaporeans manage their money. It covers several topics of personal finance. I really enjoy it, especially after reading Personal Finance for Dummies. Volume II is not as good as this one.

If you would like to know more about Investing,

Investing for Dummies

Mutual Funds for Dummies

Eric Tyson

Books that I do not recommend.

Real People Real Money Vol 2

I was bit deceived by the volume II which in my opinion tells you more about people’s success than how they really manage their money. Better read Grit Success Vol I & II from the same author.

Not recommended authors/books according to Eric Tyson (Investing for Dummies) :

Suze Orman, she’s trying in fact to sell insurances from her books.
Other sources :



Charles Givens
The Motley Fools.
And some others I haven’t taken notes.

Not recommended authors from Invest-faq.com


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Dave Rhodes : http://invest-faq.com/articles/warn-rhodes.html
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Not recommended from John Reed

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Other ratings from John Reed : http://www.johntreed.com/Reedgururating.html

Business books in general :