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London Tips : Easier between Victoria and Waterloo

lundi 26 août 2002, par DlyNouille

Travelling Tips

By David Ly, Last modification : 26th August 2002

London- from Victoria to Waterloo station

If you have to travel from Victoria Coach station to Waterloo Station (or vice-versa), I recommend you to take the bus SR1 or SR2 that will bring you from one station to the other, at a flat rate of £1.

It is especially useful when you have luggage with you. It will avoid you to transport them in the underground, saving you time from taking the lift and waiting for the next trains.

By underground, it will take you two trains to go from one station to the others. It takes almost the same time. But you must not take it when in hurry. Traffic can be very bad in London.

At Victoria, the SR1-SR2 bus station is located within the departure coach station. Check the London transportation website : http://www.transportforlondon.gov.uk/buses/

This line links all the major stations in London. Very useful but not known bus line. When we took it, we were the only passengers.