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Cheaper call from/to Singapore

jeudi 3 octobre 2002, par DlyNouille

Calling overseas from/to Singapour

Based on rates from/to France

By David Ly, 3rd October 2002

The Cheapest way to call from Singapour to overseas is to use prepaid international phone cards, using a local line. This study is based on rate from/to France but it might similar for countries in Europe.

To call to Singapore from France

The best one GTPHONE : http://www.gtphone.com/

This company has the lowest rates at the moment. You can buy their prepaid cards in different shops in Singapore. There is one located inside Raffles Place MRT, it’s a decoration shop.

You get around 111 min for 10$SGD

To call from France to Singapore

PROMOTEL : http://www.promotel.info/cartes/europ-asia.htm (DEAD LINK )

Check for the Europ-Asia card which gives 625 min for 15 Euros.

Rates per minute

Added on the 14/03/05

If you are using a PC, you can call from a PC to an international local phone network. Check out for Skype International.

Rates :

- € 0.025 per min to Singapore (normal and mobile)
- € 0.017 per min to France
- € 0.164 per min to France mobile

- € 0.025 to France