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Capitalism 2 : Complete Guide (with Manual, FAQ and Patch)

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lundi 7 juillet 2003, par DlyNouille

Capitalism 2

Last edition : 7th July 2003

Page dedicated to Capitalism 2 Game.

How to update to version 1.01 ? We have the solution !!!!

I have found it amazing the number of resources linked to this game and here I would like to share with you what I have found related to this game.

Official resources
- Official English Site (Ubisoft)
- Official German Site (Ubisoft)
- Russian website : http://capitalism2.media2000.ru/
- Multiplayer lobby : http://gamingzone.ubisoft.com/capitalism2/lobbies.php
- Enlight.com

Other resources

- Capitalism 2 Resourceful page on the game (German) : http://www.capitalism2.de/

- Non-Official French Capitalism 2 Website : http://www.capitalism2.fr.st/

- Benzo Capitalism 2 Page (Patch to switch to french edition) : http://www.benzo.net/capitalism2/capitalism2.htm

- Capitalism 2 Le Site : http://membres.lycos.fr/capitalism2lesite/


- Japanese :

- Korean :
- French Forum - Benzo Forum dedicated to Capitalism 2 (French) :

- Capitalism 2 Player’s site + Forum (English) : http://www.capitalism2.tk/
- Enlight forum (a bit empty) :

German :

http://www.beepworld.de/members25/capitalism2/ (Nothing interesting)


NUKE.COM Review : http://www.nuke.com/pc/strategy/capitalism2/


Download section

- Demo game by FTP (53.4MB) :

- Patch 1.01 (US Version not working on budget edition for some reasons) and not recommended by users as you can only play multiplayer games with those who have the same version as you so users with version 1.00 cannot play with users with version 1.01 (3.98MB)

- Patch US Version 1.01
- Patch UK Version 1.01

If it does not work, I have put the file on my server.
Download Here. You can download it here on a a mirror site thanks to Geoff Bowen (UK Patch 1.01).

- Patch German Version 1.01

- Another US Patch 1.01 Link

Many users actually haven’t figured out how to apply the patch 1.01 to their Capitalism 2 game but I found finally the solution. It seems that two versions of the patch were released : the UK one and the US one. But when we look on the internet, it seems that only the US version exists. After some research, I found out this UK patch version on the Danish website of Ubisoft. I have applied it to my Capitalism budget edition and it works perfectly !!!!

- French Edition Patch + Other materials : http://membres.lycos.fr/jeanlechauve

Unfortunately, there is no French version for this game but someone found a way to convert it to a French version. This non-official patch will convert your English version of Capitalism 2 to a French version. All the dialogs have been translated.

- Others patches : http://www.copymafia.de/zcapitalism2.htm

Here you can get the manual in case you have lost it.

- Manual in German

- Capitalism 2 : Manual in English available on this site

- Capitalism 2 FAQ in English or download here :

Cheat Codes
If you cannot win and need absolutely these codes...
(more fun without these)

"While playing a game, hold [Shift] and press 6789 to enable cheat mode. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function"

10,000,000 extra credits = [Alt] + C