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Meeting international people abroad : Internet social groups

Find and meet people in other countries

mardi 4 janvier 2005, par DlyNouille

You get into a new city, a new country. You don’t know anybody and you wish you could meet more people to enjoy the place where you are living.

Often locals have already their own network and don’t feel the need to get to know more people. So most of the time, the best is to find people like you willing to meet new people and discover and travel around.

My best advise : get into established social groups on Internet like the following. Introduce yourself and participate actively to the group activities.

Here is a couple of groups where you can find and meet people.

San Francisco Golden Gate

- Social group in San Francisco Group Bay Area, USA (SFBAY GROUP) :

Singapore City

- Social group in Singapore (SG_ONE) :

Zurich City

- Social group in Zurich, Switzerland (ZURICHSTUDENTS) :